Julie writes: “I too saw Sean’s visit with Joan and Melissa just before the Oscars – I caught it on tape and here’s the conversation:”

Melissa: …star of Lord of the Rings one, Lord of the Rings two, and Lord of the Rings three…it’s getting boring.
Sean: Is it?
Melissa: No, I’m just kidding. But I do want to ask you, nominated for Best Picture, but not for Best Director. How disappointing is that for the cast for Peter?
Sean: Ah, I don’t think any of the cast is focused at this moment on disappointment.
Melissa: Right.
Sean: So, we’re proud of Peter…we’re proud of his work, we continue to honor him and pray that he is able to keep mustering the strength to deliver the third film, and we’re going to be going down to New Zealand to do a little bit more work on it in the coming days.
Melissa: Really.
Sean: Yup.
Melissa: And did you realize when you signed on that this was such a labor-intensive project?
Sean: Yeah, I don’t think we had any illusions/delusions…yeah, we knew what we were getting into. I think…I mean on paper we knew what we were getting into. You never know, until you actually experience something, exactly what it is.
Melissa: Tell me about it.
Joan: Did you enjoy New Zealand?
Sean: New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth.
Joan: That’s not what I’m asking you.
Sean: Did I enjoy it? Well, I was so fat that it was hard for me to enjoy myself all the time. But I had my wife and my daughter with me, so experiencing New Zealand through their eyes and getting to work with really…yeah, I had a great time.
Melissa: Now, before we let you do what you..the reason why you came up here, and I’ll tell you two things…one is that I want you to show everybody your cuff links.
Sean: My cuff links. [shows them to the camera]
Melissa: Yup, check those out. And tell us the significance.
Sean: Well, my friend Michael Mue [sp?] picked them out for me and they…I think they’re viking ships but I liked that…they made me think of the middle east when he showed them to me and so I thought that they would look good on my arm even though you can’t really see them… [his jacket sleeve comes down over them].
Melissa: Check out…just while we’ve got you here look at Salma Hayek [camera shows her arriving on the red carpet] in black and white this evening, look how beautiful she looks. But more importantly, you came all the way over here from the red carpet to send a message to the troops.
Sean: um…all right…yeah…
Melissa: That’s what they’re telling me.
Sean: I think this is a great opportunity to communicate to the American men and women serving in uniform. Before the conflict started I was praying for peace…
Joan: As we all were…
Sean: …every day on bended knee and now I’m praying for peace and victory… and I wish them all God-speed and a safe journey home…and we’re proud of you, we love you, we’re grateful to you, and you’re in our minds and hearts and spirits every second.
Joan: That’s lovely.
Melissa: That is so nice. A pleasure to see you as always…take care.

Thanks to Julie for typing out this transcript!