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  2. We got more from our friends at Budk. This time Rohan is getting some love and specifically Eomer. If you’re a prop…

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Sean Astin prays for troops.

March 24, 2003 at 5:36 am by Tehanu  - 

Sean Astin appeared on Joan and Melissa Rivers’ miniature red carpet to send a message out to our troops in Iraq, via television. In short, he said that since the beginning of the war he got down on bended knee to pray for them, and that he’s still praying for them and for a victory, and that he hopes for their safe return.
Also, Joan and Melissa asked him if it was a disappointment to them (the LotR cast and crew) that Peter Jackson wasn’t nominated. Sean replied by explaining that they had pretty much prepared themselves for disappointment with these films (implying that they are getting less credit than due). Overall, Sean was very serious and genuine, and kept a solemn air about him.

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