Australia: “Further to your announcement of the Sydney outdoor screening of TTT, in Brisbane (QLD, AUS), on Saturday night starting at 6pm, they are screening FoTR at Southbank. If it rains, then it will be at the Suncorp Piazza. It doesn’t say whether it’s the normal or extended version, but I’m guessing it’s the theatrical version. ” Thanks to Lauren for that.

India: “I guess you already know that ttt premiers in India on March 28th. New Line really is doing a bad job of publicising the movie although they did worse with FOTR. They are releasing the movie in Tamil as well down South although I don’t see that it matters now that people who don’t know English wouldn’t have understood the first movie. I just hope the reviewers don’t trash it like they did to FOTR. The Indian Express gave TTT a thumbs up, though. NewLine is really lucky that the cricket world cup will be over by then. people are soo cricket obsessed now (including me) that movies are flopping at the box office… I just hope TTT isn’t cut short in India. We’re used to long movies! When people can watch Bollywood crap 4 hours long(with 2 intervals included), I don’t see why they can’t sit for 3 hours.” Thanks to Joyita for that.

There’s a plea from Brasil, where they’ve had no news of when or even if they will ever see an extended version of FOTR – it’s been three months now and there’s no sign of it.

And Karina wrote from Ecuador, “The LOTR Movies are subtitled in Spanish. But the DVDs are a problem.. Can you believe that the Special Edition does not have Spanish subtitles (or in any other language at all)?. We have not been able to get rented DVDs dubbed in Spanish. My cousin could not get DVDs subtitled for me in Texas either.

“But, I guess no real fan will request dubbed DVDs.. you loose so much with some translations that I think you rather read the titles below (it is always a pleasure to see the movie just to watch the scenes, you grasp the idea easily)”