Robin Gamgee saw this on the CBBC page with the Andy Serkis interview, and says, “I know there have been rumours about whether or not the Smeagol/Deagol scene and the transformation into Gollum scenes will be included in the TTT EE DVD or ROTK. Here’s a little something I found that shows perhaps they WILL be in ROTK. Note that this interview is very recent, meaning that maybe (and this is purely speculation) the Gollum backstory issue has been resolved and we will be treated to it. “

Hannah, 16, Sutton
I noticed that loads of the actors on Lord of the Rings had to have prosthetics. Are you particularly glad you didn’t have to go through that?

Andy Serkis: Well funnily enough in the third film – I’ll let you into a bit of a secret – I did have to go through that but I’m not going to say anymore.