In the next few days we will be spot-lighting the sponsors that make the ‘Two Towers – One Party‘ celebration possible. Today we look at one of the Premiere Sponsors: Games Workshop. Please support our sponsor.

Games Workshop

Games Workshop is a global licensee creating tabletop strategy battle game systems and associated miniatures that attract people worldwide. The Lord of the Rings battle games are dice-based hobby games for two or more players that require strategy, skill and a little bit of luck. Hobbyists can paint the highly detailed miniatures (crafted to look like the actors from the films) and use them to re-enact their favorite battles from the films on realistic scenic boards. With Games Workshop, Middle-Earth is closer than you think. With its international headquarters in the UK, Games Workshop also has wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Italy and Northern Europe. The company owns over 270 retail stores worldwide and its products are featured in more than 2,000 independent outlets internationally. Games Workshop has a Tolkien Enterprise license to product character and scenery based on the books that were not used in the film. []