News from Frodine: “I’ve just returned from Masterton, my home town. I took my 82 year old dad (the oldest “onering” fan?) and friend out to see PJ’s country house. It is a fantastic looking mansion with turrets and towers and enormous brick walls and iron gates at the entrance. Oh the excitement of it all wondering if PJ himself might come along! Well there was no sign of the Great One but a guy did come to the gate to pick up the newspaper and he answered our many , excited questions. Yes he did work there as property manager but wasn’t at liberty to divulge his name (I did recognise him from school. However his secret is safe with me !!!) I said I was a “onering ” fan and intended to send back a spy report. He looked a little worried but must have decided we were all too old to be a serious threat . We exchanged pleasantries about the size of the house and the many builders working there; the lovely home that he had, (that had been shifted from Masterton) and the numerous fans that he had spoken to.
My most burning question however was —“Has anything been changed in “Return Of The King?”
“I doubt it'” he said, shaking his head.
There you have it from an authoritative source!!!! We can now all sleep in peace! [I bet he’s well schooled how NOT to answer the curious fans – Tehanu]
I have sent a link to the local newspaper that has printed a splendid aerial shot of the house.” [More]