Ringer Spy Iluvatar writes: i got my dirty claws on a rumour from a friend who works for Edwards theatres. This weekend on firday night, tv networks will begin to re air the trailers for TTT but now at the end will be what we have all been waiting for…THE RETURN OF THE KING TRAILER HAS ARRIVED!!! I figured this would interest everyone whom has been starving for news on this subject just as I have. My source tells me that the preview will be shown at the end of the movie starting in the second weekend of March 2003. Hope you like this.

Like it? Heck yeah! Now folks, please keep in mind that this is the only news we have about the ROTK-trailer at the moment, so please don’t email us for more; we’ll throw it online when we have it. In the meantime, if you happen to be the one who knows more about this: drop me a line!