Irascian writes: A new series starts on BBC Radio 2 in the UK this coming Tuesday. Should be of interest to all LOTR score fans as Howard features in all four programmes in the series. The four-part series is called ‘The Sound of Movies’ and can be heard on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday evenings beginning on 18th February from 20.30 – 21.30. The series is a celebration of movie music as well as an exploration of how composers write for the cinema. Howard Shore will be heard in all four episodes in company with other composers including: John (‘Star Wars’) Williams; Henry (‘Pink Panther’) Mancini; Elmer (‘Magnificent Seven’) Bernstein; Danny (‘Edward Scissorhands’) Elfman; David (‘Die Another Day’) Arnold; Basil (‘Conan the Barbarian’) Poledouris; Anne (‘The Full Monty’) Dudley and Stephen (‘Shakespeare in Love’) Warbeck.