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  2. We got more from our friends at Budk. This time Rohan is getting some love and specifically Eomer. If you’re a prop…

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NEW Amazing High Rez TTT Images!

February 16, 2003 at 10:00 pm by xoanon  - 

Once again the lovely Ms. Marea sends along these 4 great images for you to oogle over and enjoy! Take a gander at an Uruk Hai sentry looking over Mordor, a wonderful shot of Helms Deep surrounded by the enemy, Isenguard flooded and broken, and Gandalf’s charge down the steep slopes near Helms Deep!

[Uruk Small] – [Uruk Large]
[Helms Deep Small] – [Helms Deep Large]
[Isengard Small] – [Isengard Large]
[Charge! Small] – [Charge! Large]

Posted in Old Main News on February 16, 2003 by

The One Ring

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