We’ve had to sort out a few minor bugs along the way, but hopefully everything is just about sorted and we won’t have to endure any more service interuptions.

In the way of clarifying a few common questions, you do have to go through this new authorisation process with each nickname you have registered. For example, if you have five registered nicks, you’ll have to authorise all five of them.

However, it is a once-only process for each registered nickname. Once you’ve authed properly, you simply go back to the straightforward logon identification process that we were using before.

You should never have to auth again – except in the most unlikely situation of something truly horrendous happening that forced us to wipe the nickserv registrations and start over.

Again, to learn the funky new stuff that you can do under the new services system (nickserv and memoserv), I encourage you to check out our brand-new FAQ.