The Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa’s LOTR props exhibition has extended its stay and is ‘on track to be the single most popular exhibition.’ [More] Thanks to Ataahua for the link.

Meanwhile, Ringer spy Nancy did some work to find out when and where the LOTR exhibition will go next when it leaves NZ. She wrote to Te Papa and got this reply from Te Papa staff: “The list that I have tells me that the Lord of the Rings exhibition will be on in Boston from approximately the beginning of August 2004 until the last week in October 2004. However, please don’t take what I am saying as being ‘official’ as I’m not sure that all of the red tape has been signed off . Th exact dates of staging the exhibition will be determined by the museum in Boston, not us. It is quite possible that the museum in Boston will not be making an announcement yet. I suggest you check with them closer to the time. The current travel plan for the exhibition is, after Wellington – London, Singapore, Boston, Sydney – Boston being the only USA venue at this point in time. “

Nancy did some more detective work and found out, “The venue in Boston is the Museum of Science. In London it will be the Science Museum in South Kensington. The approximate dates I have for London are September 2003 until January 2004. The whole of the exhibition will be on tour – in fact there may be more items ( not less ) in the travelling exhibition. “