Art writes:

Not sure if you want to use this – but I have a close source who tells me that when Ebert and Roeper taped their weekly show today at WLS here in Chicago, they both gave The Two Towers a thumbs up.

Roeper explained that he enjoyed it, but that it did not make him change his mind about not liking FOTR, and he wondered if all of the emphasis on fighting was in the true spirit of Tolkien’s work (he commented that since he didn’t know the books, he did not know the answer).

Ebert said (when he gave it a thumbs up) that he was really looking forward to the ROTK, and that when all three are completed that they will be a major achievement in the history of motion pictures. They also talked about how TTT was a whisper away from being rated R because of the violence.

On a lighter note, my source tells me that they had trouble pronouncing all of the characters names, especially Eowyn’s.

In Chicago –