’s chatroom, Barlimans, has become home to many, many people from all over the world over the years. Our sense of community has for many folks become even more than just chatting. We are part of a vast online family now. We share in the hopes and dreams and triumphs of our fellow regulars. And on the other side of the coin, we come to Barli’s for support and aid when things are not looking so good; and we are given that support freely and with love by our friends here when we need it.

A week ago one of our friends, Moragen, told us she wouldn’t be in for a while, that her 13 year old daughter Mandy had had an accident the previous week, hitting her head. A week after the accident, Mandy suffered a stroke and was taken to the nearest children’s hospital. The doctors did everything they could, but Mandy died in her mother’s arms Friday, December 6th.

My heart swells to know that so many people care so much for Moragen and Mandy. I have seen an outpouring of care and concern from folks who might not even know Moragen. We asked for thoughts and prayers to be sent for Mandy and her mom. When the sad news came to us today, I shared with everyone in Barlimans… and people were asking what they could do now. Since we are Moragen’s online family, I suggested that people send their thoughts to Moragen. I have received several e-mails to pass on to Moragen and her family. I will send these on in a day or two.

Moragen, I know you’ll be reading this. There is no anguish such as you are feeling now and our hearts go out to you and your family. There are hearts filled with love and caring all over the world, and we send our love, prayers and yes, even good vibes to you in your sorrow. We grieve with you. We love you. : )

Jincey, and your family At Barlimans