Poland: Ela writes to correct our dates – TTT will be shown in Poland from 31 January, not 31 December.

Rumania: Gaciu writes ” It finally came here too-God,it was a loooooong time,but finally….Lord Of The Rings DVD and tape [arrived] in Romania!T hey kept it for our national day (Sunday), so it might as well be National LOTR day round here.

Central European DVD Release

Irvo wrote: Just wanted to drop a brief note on oncoming 4DVD FOTR release in Central Europe (still region 2). First on, the release date was pushed to December 6th which is still good enough compared to Warner Bros’ original intention to set the date on the end of January. But today we learnt a grievous news: They dropped the DTS 6.1 sound track!!! Reason? Not enough room on the disk. At least that’s what Warner say. There is 5.1 EX English track, 5.1 Polish track (only voice over – I wonder why they needed to give it the generous 5.1 norm) and 7 subtitles tracks (English, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovene, Serbian, Bulgarian). Funny thing is, that in Belgium you can get 4DVD FOTR with all English sound tracks plus French DTS and 5.1 EX plus English and French subtitles. Is it only me who thinks Central European branch of Warner is acting veeeery weird? You lucky western Europeans and Americans cannot imagine how frustrated we are.