While you’re enjoying that leftover turkey and pumpkin pie this weekend, feast your Tolkien senses on the Green Books update, including:

• Fourteen new Q&A, with topics such as:
Any scientific progress in M.E.?
Did the earliest Elves meet again?
How did Dior choose his fate?
• Quickbeam goes Out on a Limb to summon the ghost of J.R.R. Tolkien — just to ask one special burning question!
• Anwyn takes her Counterpoint to a whole new level of confrontation when she squares off with an old friend who despises Tolkien’s writing style!
Moon Letters has nine terrific items of fan writing!

The countdown is on. In December, like everybody else in the Tolkien world, the Green Books staffers will bring you their reviews of TTT, but for now enjoy our Turkey Day offering of questions, answers and fun.

— Anwyn