With only twenty-six days until Peter Jackson’s theatrical version of The Two Towers is released, the Hall of Fire’s chapter-by-chapter discussions are nearing an end for this year, with only two chapters left to delve into thoroughly before December 18th. This weekend, the Hall of Fire staff invite you to join us as we discuss the penultimate chapter of The Two Towers and the point at which Peter Jackson’s ‘Two Towers will end:

Book IV, Chap IX – Shelob’s Lair

When Frodo asked Gollum to help himself and Sam find an alternative route into Sauron’s realm of Mordor, he trusted that the apparently reformed stoor hobbit would do his best to keep them out of danger. However, within the pass in the mountains lays the tower of Cirith Ungol, and there lies a forgotten evil from the early years of Middle-earth, an evil which the Hobbits would fail to avoid.

Shelob’s Lair is a fantastic chapter which sets in motion not only the conclusion of The Two Towers but some important events in The Return of the King. Sam’s loyalty to his master and disregard of his own safety is inspiring, as his valiant charge into battle seems to take his progression throughout The Lord of the Rings one step further, a stark contrast from the beginnings of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Join us this weekend as we discuss this intriguing chapter and get ourselves psyched up (as if we needed to!) for December 18th.

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