Casey wrote in: “I also have been having problems with the Extended DVD edition. I have a Dell Inspiron 8100, and found out about the problem from the site.

“I have been pestering both Dell and LG customer support. I thought I would pass along their response, so that other can see that at least the problem has been acknowledged (although it only took me about 5 e-mails to make them do so) and a solution should be forthcoming.”

LG customer service wrote:

“Lord of the Rings Extended Edition “Our engineers are aware of the error and are currently working on a solution. I expect a firmware upgrade will be available soon at

This is what I got from Dell:

“Dear Casey, Thanks for writing in. It’s always a pleasure to assist you.

Casey, I understand exactly how you feel. Though this is a known issue, a fix is not ready yet and will be out in a few weeks. Please subscribe to FileWatch to be notified when the update is released.

Again, my apologies for the frustration this is causing you.”