The Norwegian website Ringenes Herre is claiming that TTT will run at 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Here is a translation, thanks to Øystein:

“The movie longer than assumed.

“Assumed length for LOTR:TTT has up to now been 2 hours 43 minutes. But director Peter Jackson has found cause to add on almost half an hour extra. Early this summer Jackson and his staff was back on New Zealand to shoot some extra scenes for TTT. The post-production with the new scenes and the extensive special effects has been going on for full since then. Distributer SF Norge claims the finished movie probably will be around 3 hours 10 minutes long. Which means 10 minutes longer than LOTR.

“It will still be a while before the norwegian censor is passed. SF Norge is hoping for 11 years, but since TTT contains more battle scenes and has a much darker tone than the predecessor, the result might very possibly be 15 years. In the US it has gotten the rating PG-13 which has the following meaning: (MPAA rating quote cut)

“LOTR:TTT is being issued in 96 copies domestically (FOTR had 76), which is a record for cinemas in Norway for such a long movie.”

However Mordo had the opportunity to guess the length of the movie by making some calculations from the information he had:

“I just wanted to comment on the running time of TTT. The length of the copies shipped to Germany this week are 15873 feet each. FOTR was 16130 feet. Dividing the length in feet by 90 yields the running time in minutes (give or take). Using this method gives us 2H59M for FOTR (only one minute off) and 2H56M for TTT. By the way “Running Time” includes the credits.”