If you check Amazon.com’s DVD section for current “top sellers,” you’ll note that the FOTR “Extended Edition” is actually outselling the “Star Wars Episode II” DVD… and has been doing so for about a week now. This, unless I’m utterly mistaken, is an unprecedented amount of business for a second-release DVD.. especially considering that new “Star Wars” releases are usually predicted as the best-sellers of their respective years.

Amazon.com is the biggest of the online stores, and their pre-sales are usually a pretty good indicator of what national sales will eventually look like.

In other words: SW2 and FOTR:SE go head-to-head in stores on the same exact day, and so far the super-hyped high-profile SW2 first release is being outsold (at least according to Amazon.com’s numbers) by the less-hyped follow-up release for FOTR.