Frodo’s Girl writes, “I stopped in the embassy tonight, and the special showing of the extended version of FOTR on 11/11 is a chartiy showing for the Embassy Trust. Tickets are $50 a piece and went on sale today (4/11). They told me we will be watching Peter’s own personal copy and it will be film, not digital. Wne and nibbles an hour or so before the film. I can’t wait!

“Figwit is in a show at the local fringe theatre, Bats, this week. It is called “Live:TraNZmissions” and is absolutely brill! I saw it last night. It is 3 radio plays that Brett McKenzie (figwit), Taika Cohen and Adam Gardiner wrote and perform. One of the 3 bits is a serial that is being broadcast live on [student radio] Radio Active each night. It is very clever and very funny – and I must say that Brett is getting some use out of his Figwit fame. The local news had a bit about the show, saying that Figwit was one of the actors! … Brett had a nice write up in the capital times a couple of weeks back, too.”