Merry Tee reports from Denmark, ” I just recieved an official mail from SF Film (the Danish distribution of TTT) saying that ticket sales for the premiere will start here November 11. The mail also tells us that FOTR wil be on the big screen here again from December 13.”

Greetings from Norway: A fan’s-eye perspective of the build-up to TTT, from Tolkien-Freak-Girl:

“I’m really sorry about my bad english today, it’s just that I’m so excited for the moment that I can hardly move my fingers!!!!!

“You should se what the Norwegian Cinema Crew has done for the fans. They have actually created a Middle-Earth-ish, Hobbitonlike queue area, in a grand park outside the cinema.

“We are being met with a great tower at the entrance, and inside there are wraiths, elves, horses, sheeps (hihi), music, competitions, nights where we all gather and sing Tolkien-songs, fireplaces and here’s the best!! On the 3. of november (the last night) they will show The FOTR on a big screen in the park, together with all the TTT trailers!!!!!!!

“Are we lucky to live in Norway or what?! :)))

“And the biggest thing: The person with the best costume and “livingplace” (in the queue, if you see what I mean) wins a trip to NewZealand for two…..”

Meanwhile fans in Rumania are MUCH less happy. In fact they sound pretty bitter.

Radu writes, ” Hi. I write this to let you know of the disapointment and anger we Lord Of The Rings fans in Romania. (I’m speaking for a group of people – but I know it’s the same thing in all our hearts).

“First,the Two Towers are only getting here in 28 February (!!!!!!!!!); second-there was no launch of the DVD or tape yet of The Fellowsip. I don’t know who to blame or what to say more, but please does anyone have some data about what’s going on in here – a least an aprox. date on the tape’s launching here.. ps.. The Two Towers Trailer was here today, but…surprise-surprise……[it was] the old one-released in spring..”

So there you have it. Anyone that’s in touch with the New Line distributors for Rumania, tell us what’s going on, please!