Broken from the Fellowship and taking their own route to Mordor, Sam and Frodo happen upon Men from the land of Gondor, a foreign land of which they know little save from what they learnt from Boromir. The true intent of Faramir, Prince of Gondor, remains unclear to them and it is only an encounter with Gollum that proves to them his worth as an ally. This weekend, the Hall of Fire crew invite you to join us for:

Book IV, Chapter V: The Window on the West

This chapter is noteworthy because it draws out in detail some of the finer characteristics of Faramir and the qualities that make him a very different person to his brother. Through his renouncement of the One Ring, and his fairness when treating with Gollum’s infringement on sacred ground, we slowly see the greatly-revered Prince of Men that becomes so highly thought-after in The Return of the King. If you’re a Faramir fan, or believe you can bring something more to the chat, join us this weekend in one of our two scheduled discussions and join the fun with your fellow Tolkien fans!

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