On September 30th, Lord of the Rings fans around the world were given the opportunity to view and download the first trailer for The Two Towers, the second installment of the trilogy. The trailer was met with widespread praise, with some people stating that it was the best trailer so for from Peter Jackson. This weekend, the Hall of Fire staff invite you to join us as we discuss:

The Two Towers Trailer

So what was your favourite part of the trailer? The CGI Gollum? The Oliphaunt? Legolas’ shield maneuvre at Helm’s Deep? Or all of the above? We want you to have your say and make your thoughts known on PJ’s three minute trailer. Anything that bugged you during the trailer, like the CGI Treebeard picking up Merry or even the music from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack? Either way, we intend to have an insightful discussion about the trailer, shot by shot, still by still, and we’d love you to join us this weekend for one of our two sessions.

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Oct 19 & 20 – TTT Book 4, Chap 5 – Window on the West
Oct 26 & 27 – TTT Book 4, Chap 6 – Forbidden Pool

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