Lucifer wrties that Jim Rygiel will visit Taiwan on October 20.(He’s heard that Jim will complete his part of work around October 18(!!!)) Rygiel will be one of the three instructors at Taiwan’s International Animation Seminar.

Lucifer also sent in the details about the release of TTT in various Asian countries, and offered some options for fans in the area.

“Will it be dubbed or subtitled?” asked a fan? Lucifer wrote “I’m not sure about Korea. In Mainland China , most of the copies will be dubbed( like in Japan). But there would be a subtitled version in big cities (Like Beijing ….)”

In Japan, TTT won’t come out til March, according to Ringer fan Abby. [Is that true? – T] She was wondering if there were countries nearby where she might see it earlier.

In South Korea, FOTR didn’t come out until January this year, and on mainland China, not until April. If the same thing’s going to happen with TTT, fans might be interested in another suggestion from Lucifer: Taiwan’s release date of TTT will be December 21 or 28 (Not yet confirmed), it’s close enough. “We Ringers in Taiwan are organizing an thousand-Ringer gathering( The biggest theater in Taiwan already agreed to this, it has 1200 seats). Maybe you can join us. According other Ringers, they have friends in Japan considering this option.”