Spain: Beorn de Valencia gave us the link for the Spanish official LOTR site, which has new Eomer, Eowyn and Theoden wallpapers. Very nice one of Eomer. Babe alert! [More]


According to Ringer spy Ingve, presale for The Towers will begin in Norway on the 4.november 2002, according to the webpages of distributor SF Norway.

Ingve adds, “I’ ve spoken to my former colleage at a local videostore, and he said that the release date of The Fellowship SE DVD was 11.november. I told him to doublecheck his papers, and on the papers from the LOTR distributor in Norway, SF Norway, the realese date was 11.november, he says. This is a day before the rest of the world isn’t it?

“Though videostores probably get the DVD some days before all others, it is strange that the DVD release should be on the 11th, rather than the 12th. Only the New Line Cinema shop has the 11/11 as shipment date, the rest has 12.November.”

There were inaccuracies about this last year about release dates in various countries, so I wouldn’t believe it just yet. – T

“In Finland, the TTT trailer will premiere in Finland with the movie xXx. At least in Finnkinos theaters. Check first “- that came in from Isa.