Thioden was kind enough to translate bits of the French Premiere article we posted just a few hours ago. Take a look at some massive spoilerage!

I have taken a look at the TTT article in the French magazine premiere, and have translated for you some interesting tidbits:

[…] some changes from the book have to be predicted, for example Elrond and Galadriel’s participation to the battle of Helm’s Deep, and the demise of the wizard Saruman.

Now that pretty much confirms that Saruman dies in The Two Towers, as earlier stories reported. And I assume that both Elrond and Galadriel send contingents of Elves to Helm’s Deep to help the Rohirrim.


…Fran Walsh promises us a real tragic follow up to Arwen and Aragorn’s love-story.

John Rhys-Davies has given a Welsh accent to the Ent Treebeard, whom he voices.

…The construction of Minas Tirith has taken itself 32 weeks of hard work.

…The flashback scene of Smeagol before he was enslaved by the power of the Ring is in the can, and directed by Fran Walsh.

Xoanon here, I’m not too sure about Fran directing the Smeagol/Deagol scenes, I do know she was writing them the last I spoke with her a while back, could it be she directed that segment with a 2nd unit? Who knows…