Ringer spy Cheeky writes: “Found something interesting last night and wondered if anyone else had noticed it. I was watching the Full-Screen version of Fellowship of the Ring and there it was during Bilbo’s long-expected party! Up until then, I had only watched the Wide-Screen version and this doesn’t show up in that one. After the first firework of the green tree, they bring in the cake and you catch a glimse of Merry dancing along in front of the cake and then he is lost from view in the wide-screen format, but in full screen you get to see where he goes. Merry moves on up to the top part of the screen in a view that is missing from the Wide-Screen version. Merry is up on the stage watching Frodo dance and talking to Pippin. It seems that Pippin is in the band! I was totally surprise to see Pippin on the Hobbit stage behind Frodo and the dancers holding a guitar and drinking a mug of ale. Merry is beside him pointing out toward the dancing. It’s a brief shot from a distance, but I enjoyed the image of Pippin and Merry on the stage looking as though they were maybe plotting the firework theft or just enjoying Frodo’s dancing. I also thought it fitting since Billy Boyd does play guitar. Too bad the shot is missed by most people as you have to watch the Full-Screen version in order to see it. By the time Frodo is pushing Sam into Rosie’s arms for a dance, the stage shot is over so it isn’t very long.”