Greetings — Quickbeam here.

Green Books has a great little up date to wrap up the month of September:

* I go Out on a Limb to review “The Annotated Hobbit,” a stunning new edition from Douglas A. Anderson. This is the one book you MUST have this year — read my review to find out why!
* Tookish, that crazy old goony-bird, brings us side-splitting Ticklers with lots of original Fan jokes and humor. (Coming Later Tonight)
* Moon Letters is your gallery for the best Fan Fiction and Poems. Search through our old archives to see this magnificent online library! (Coming Later Tonight)
* Questions & Answers is fairly bursting at the seams with 21 new articles of Tolkien lore, arcana, and apocrypha — including:
1. What if I claimed the Ring?
2. Was Galadriel’s ship full of ghosts?
3. Was Shadowfax one of the Valar?
4. Why would Gandalf let all those hobbits die during the Scouring of the Shire?
5. Can you interpret Frodo’s dream?
6. Was Sauron just a floating eyeball?

Join us as we continue to explore the WORDS and WORLDS of Tolkien!

Much too hasty,