Irascian writes; UK subscribers have just received the November issue of “Empire” magazine which carries the first full page ad for the extended DVD that I’ve seen, and also has an article on which DVDs are going to be big for Christmas. Here’s what they say…. It [the Christmas release schedule] pits Star Wars, Spider-Man and The Lord of the Rings directly against each other for the first time and the winner is ..? and It’s unusual for three titens like this to come out at once,’ says Larry Murtaugh, an independent industry tracker. ‘Ordinarily, Star Wars would win at a canter, but Attack of the Clones didn’t set the box office alight. Is the interest there on DVD? Spider-Man will do well, but I think I’d tip Lord of the Rings to come out on top, as long as there isn’t a backlash from people who bought the two-disc box set back in August. They could see this as cynical exploitation.’” [More]