The people that make the editing choices at ET should be sacked..and the people who hire them should be sacked…no more than 20 SECONDS of the entire TTT trailer (rumored to be more than 3 minutes) were aired…ahhh!!! Here is what you will see…sneeze and you’ll miss it.

Black Screen:

Writing: ‘The Power of darkness grows’

Shots fo the battle of Helms Deep

Gandalf (vO): Sauron’s forces have begun their attack, he is using Saruman to destroy your people’

Shots of Barad Dur, with a GIGANTIC eye

Shots of Orcs over rohan fields

Shot of Saruman with his Palantir, the eye within

Shot of Theoden sitting on his throne

Shot of Eowyn overlooking Rohan from up on high…her hair in the wind…

Shot of Orcs rampaging through a burnt out village

Eowyn: ‘They were unarmed, they had no warning’

Eowyn looking different from what we’ve seen

Gandalf (sitting next to Throden): ‘This is but a taste of the terror that Saruman will unleash’

Shots of Saruman and his Orcs

Shots of Theoden looking distressed

Theoden: ‘I will not risk open war’

Shots of armies gathering

Aragorn: ‘Open war is open us, weither you risk it or not’

Saruman (with Wormtongue beside him, talking with a massive army): ‘A new power is arising! It’s victory is at hand!’

AMAZING shot from Orthanc…camera crawls back through a massive amount of men!

Aragorn: ‘They are only bred for a single purpose, to destroy the world of men’

Shots of Theoden and Aragorn

….. The End