I received a mysterious email from a spy that is new to me. He or she sent me a few details on the new TTT trailer! I’m not vouching for any of this, but if it is true it sounds VERY good! Take a look!

– Begins with the encounter between Rohan soldiers and the three hunters, Eomer asks them what they are doing, Aragorn answers that they are looking for two companions. (cut to the shot of Merry and Pippin)

– Shot of Merry and Pippin kidnapped by Orcs

– Eomer lets them go, and tells them to be wary

– See a very brief shot of Gandalf’s battle with the Balrog in the caverns under Moria (a blast of fire, and Gandalf flying towards the screen)

– See and hear dialog between Gandalf the White and the three hunters in their first encounter (as Gandalf appears, Legolas and Gimli both kneel down, Aragorn in disbelief begins to talk with Gandalf)

– See various shots of the two towers, a very nice shot of the lidless eye, and Saruman giving a pep talk to the millions of orcs standing in front of one of the towers (this cgi was stunning)

– Elrond tells Aragorn that his people are passing, and that he should let Arwen go (actually he sternly insists… )

– Elrond tells Arwen that there is no more hope, Arwen tells Elrond that there is still hope (I am assuming it is hope for her marriage to Aragorn)

– Gandalf tells Theoden about Saruman’s schemes

– Theoden asks Eowyn to lead the others to Helm’s Deep

– Eowyn questions Aragorn about Arwen while walking

– Shot of Gandalf riding through a hall on Shadowfax

– Brief shot of Arwen in Helm’s Deep

– Shot of Sam yelling “Frodo… No!” and Frodo (voluntarily or under a spell?) falling face down into a pit

– Shot of Sam laying by someone (presumably Frodo) and weeping

– Shot of Gollum‘s back, crouching and talking with Frodo and Sam

– Shot of Treebeard’s bottom half (while running, he picks up either Merry or Pippin, and he is HUGE! compared to the little hobbit).