Alert Ringer Brandon sent this in after inspecting the latest TTT figures (which he says are available now at Target stores near Salt Lake City, Utah): The caption on the back of the “Aragorn and Brego” two pack set gives detail into the horse, though it doesn’t quite tell everything. It reads, “A descendant of the ancient kings, Aragorn was fated to one day reclaim the lost throne of Gondor, but for the moment he found himself but one more sword amid the defense of Rohan as they prepared for war. In this time of great peril, Aragorn found a kinship with Brego, the wild horse of Rohan’s late Prince Theodred, who had been cut down by orcs at the Fords of Isen. Brego was traumatized by the loss of his lord, but Aragorn’s gentle hand stayed the beast’s fear, and in time he came to bear the king in exile as faithfully as he had once borne the Prince of Rohan”