Earlier today we reported that the following images were posters..baffled by the oddity of the images we doubted the authenticity…only to find out from up on high that these aren’t posters, they’re popcorn bags! (go on, laugh G, you guys fell for our April fools joke, remember? -Xo) [More]

UPDATE: Ranger of Dunland noticed that “…in the picture of Aragorn, Eowen, and Arwen, Aragorn is holding Narsil! It’s very recognizable by the pommel (the bottom part of the sword).” More confirmation that Aragorn gets Narsil in TTT?

UPDATE 2: Aragorn isn’t holding Narsil. It’s either his ranger sword, or anduril, which i’ve heard he doesn’t get until ROTK, which would make more sense in movie terms, since he didn’t get it to begin with.