Brandon wrote: “I really like the TTT standees at Barnes and Noble, but was not able to buy them. So I e-mailed Advanced Graphics, who made the standees for FOTR, and asked if there are any plans for a TTT line. This was my reply.

“Yes, available on Oct. 15th will be a standup of Aragorn and a standup of Legolas & Gimli together.'”

Which reminds me: Lots of people have written in to tell how they got hold of posters and standees and other promotional items in cinemas, bookstores and shops. Basically it comes down to asking – if you see something you like, ask the staff what they’re doing with it once the promotional campaign is over. You never know – there might be nobody on the staff that likes LOTR in which case they may be happy to give it to you when they’re finished with it. The worst that can happen is that they say ‘no.’- Tehanu