“Last night, as I was walking gloomily through my local Target (for I had scanned the Action Figure aisles- no LOTR), I came to a halt as I spotted a flash of green and gold. Running like the wind, I greedily seized it and realized that this was, no doubt, the LOTR chess set whose date had been pushed back another month. I saw that the price was $29.99; 10 bucks less than the official store was asking! I immediately bought it, and I’m pretty sure any bystanders probably thought I was crazy, because I kept muttering, “My precious…my precious…”
Thanks to Frodo’s Girl13

And in England:
“I have just been reading the news archives and i came across the chess set news, well here in England we already have the chess set, it is on sale in WH Smith.So any english fan who wants it can get it.T hought you might want to Know.”

Thanks to Louise