AICN has done some good work in getting to the bottom of the rumours we’ve heard that TTT has been leaked and posted online. [More Language warning. The gist of it is, “Right now – as we speak – this is the state of what is going on with THE TWO TOWERS. In the United States there are currently two video tapes (in two different formats) containing the first 5 reels of THE TWO TOWERS. These copies have intense burn ins – and they are being used to work up and get a head start on Subtitles.

The MPAA saw a check print of THE TWO TOWERS recently, but it was sent back to New Zealand on Labor Day. Now that Print is Handcuffed to a human being that entire journey and the cannister is marked with a title (NOT TWO TOWERS) that I won’t mention here, because that’d be laying down the cards for all the players to see.” Thanks to Brian for the link.