I was watching the Comedy Central game show “Beat The Geeks” the other day when a LOTR challenge came up under the “Movies” category. The contestant was shown a picture of Elijah Wood and asked to name him, his character in LOTR, and where his character was from. The contestant answered correctly, so his challenged “Geek” (expert) had to answer a more difficult question in the same subject. He was shown a picture of John Rhys-Davies and asked to name him, two other movies he was in, and the name of his character in LOTR. The Geek identified him, gave the two other movies (he chose the Indiana Jones flicks), but couldn’t come up with “Gimli”, claiming he was a movie geek, not a Middle Earth geek! (Is that a very perturbed dwarf I hear sharpening an ax?)

By the way, this show also features “guest geeks” of different pop culture categories, ranging from “Star Trek” to “James Bond”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a LOTR geek is featured at some point in time. I’m sure the producers would find plenty of volunteers right here at The One Ring!