From Twilight Elf: I was really excited at seeing the 2 latest offerings from Houghton-Mifflin & quickly checked up with my local bookstore for their prices. Borders Singapore are expecting the stocks to arrive sometime in November 2002. The TTT Visual Companion is priced at $33.50. As for ‘The Making of LOTR’ by Brian Sibley, the soft version is priced at $35.50 & the hard cover version is at $52.50. Isn’t that just thrilling?

And from Enarei: “Hello to you from Bangkok, Thailand. No sign of the DVD here as of yet- though the VCD did come out on August 6th. I got one myself- a three-disc set in two cases (the cover is similar to what I have seen is on the DVD) which is in an elegant box with The Lord of the Rings in gold on the front and back, and is encircled by the elvish script on the ring (also in gold). It comes at B390, converting into something like $9.50, though some stores sell it cheaper (I got mine at $6.00). It’s only available in widescreen- fitting your TV screen, I mean (as far as I have found). Anyway, the movie quality is good, and I’m still getting over the fact that it’s the first time I’ve come across a VCD with a somewhat interactive menu. Included with the theatrical version of the movie is the official trailer and a slideshow with Enya’s ‘May It Be’ in the background.

“All in all, I like the VCD, but am looking forward to the DVD (which I was assured is ‘coming soon’- the release date is probably written on the posters, but since I can neither speak nor read Thai I wouldn’t know) as well as maybe the extended edition in November. Oh, and the VHS is also available, but I haven’t seen it yet. For fans in Thailand, if you buy one from Mangpong, you get a chance with each purchase in this lucky draw where you can get some cool LOTR stuff (posters, book discounts, etc.)”