SFX, the self-proclaimed ‘biggest selling Sci-fi magazine in Europe’, has just published the results of their reader awards, and FOTR has come up in about every available category. The list:


Best Movie
Best Movie Actor for Ian McKellen
Best Movie Special FX

Runner up:

Best Movie Actor:
2nd place to Elijah Wood; 3rd place to Viggo Mortenson; 5th place to Sean Bean; 7th place to Christopher Lee

Best Movie Actress:
5th place to Liv Tyler

Most Godlike Being:
2nd place to Peter Jackson; 6th place to Gandalf; 10th place to Christopher Lee (Joss Whedon won this category)

Sexiest man:
6th place to Viggo Mortenson; 4th place to Orlando Bloom

Anyway, that’s it. Next issue: 101 reasons why TTT is going to be even better than FOTR . . .

Thanks to Laura M for that….send us a scan of the page, somebody please!