Ivan from Brazil says, “There´s a rumour about the extended DVD not being released down here, and the person from Brazil says that FOX(?) has no interest on the EXTENDED DVD, but actually WARNER is the official(Unfortunately)company dealing LOTR here, and has released the 2disc set here, so I don´t know what FOX has to do with this. Thanks a lot, please tell everybody that this has not been confirmed, and that our petition to have the extended version is about 1,200 signatures. Thanks

Juan, also from Brazil, is more annoyed about the whole thing. “I’ve read the report from someone in the news there… the REAL history is that the president from Warner Home Video here in Brazil says that New Line Cinema (FOX????) in the EUA was not interested in releasing the FOTR extended version DVD here, ’cause it “would not sell well”. Fact is there is a LOT of LOTR fans here, probably more than the guys from NL Cinema may expect.

BTW, we DO NOT LIVE IN FORESTS. We are not a bunch of naked cannibal indians. In fact, we are the greatest consumer market in South America, one of the greatest in the world (believe it or not!) [I know, we’re used to that attitude about NZ too – people thinking we lived in grass huts etc.]