In Finland (in Finnkino theatres) the TTT trailer will be in front of the new Austin Powers movie on 30th August, according to Mikko

In Australia: Canberra: Civic Video are (or were depending on stock) giving away a Royal Senangor Pewter medallion of Gandalf or Frodo with the purchase of the LOTR DVD. Thanks to Lolly for that. Baralier adds, “Just thought I might pass on to any Australians with multi-zone DVD players waiting to purchase the 4 disc collectors Edition in November, that while it is being advertised at for AUS$144.95, if they go through, it is being sent out (at a discounted rate, including delivery) for 32.29 pounds, which converts to just under AUS$93.00. A saving of AUS$50.00

Meanwhile Platty says “Catch up with cinematographer Andrew Lesnie ACS, who won an Oscar for his work on Lord of the Rings. Having worked with Dr. George Miller, Clara Law and Bill Bennett over the years, he’s bound to have a few interesting stories. 7.30pm, August 15 @ Treasury Theatre, 1 MacArthur St, East Melbourne. Tickets $12/$10.

From Brazil we hear “I`m from Brasil and HAVE to report that de Extended DVD LOTR Set WILL NOT be released here!!!!!!!!!! FOX reported they don`t have interst in doing so.”