Looking for the LOTR DVD in the US? “To help my fellow “financially challenged” LOTR fans and spare you all the chore of researching it, I have found the price war winner for the new LOTR DVD release. After exhaustively searching ads for major stores in Suburban USA, the winner is WALMART with a LOW cost of $15.78!!!. This is very closely followed by Best Buy for $15.99 (who also had a midnight release party here in Tampa). Circuit City and all other major chains are $16 or higher…over $20 is a bad deal, dont do it!
Also you can simply RENT it now on DVD or VHS and wait a bit more till the EXTENDED version in Nov., for which there will be yet another brutal price war online I’m sure! Blockbuster is offering 10 free future rentals if you buy their LOTR for $24.99. Not a bad deal considering rental costs these days!
Enjoy, KaiaRose”

And in NZ: “Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know that I was watching TV last night, and I saw that “The Warehouse” is going to be selling the DVD version of FoTR for a meagre $NZD29.95.

Ever other retailer in the country is listing FoTR for $NZD39.95. (That’s a measly $USD14.30… Not bad aye?)

Cheers, Turbo99