In the past, the Hall of Fire has hosted many chats focusing on an individual character; from Aragorn to Arwen, Legolas to Lurtz and Boromir to Bombadil (R.I.P). However, as The Two Towers looms larger on the horizon, and with the recent trailers and sneak peeks it seems only fitting to concentrate on one of the more prominent characters in said previews:

Éowyn, the White Lady of Rohan

Throughout the War of the Ring, Éowyn appears to be one of the most conflicted characters, often torn between desire and duty. She wishes to stand with the men of Rohan to help protect her home instead of being left behind, but is concerned with the duty she has to stay with her people. She also feels a deep attachment towards Aragorn, but by the end of the Return of the King her heart turns towards another. She is a passionate woman who is quick to act and strives to be the one who controls her own destiny.

Éowyn also represents one of the women who helped to create a gradual shift in society as the role of women expanded near the end of 20th Century, something which seems quite remarkable when remembering Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings in the 50s. Éowyn also appears to be receiving an expanded role in the film along with Arwen to highlight the plight of a women paralysed by the society around her.

Join us this weekend as we discuss one of the more interesting and deep characters in The Lord of the Rings, as the countdown to The Two Towers continues!

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