PeeJee writes:

Just picked up the new Empire magazine and thought i’d send you some info they featured on the new scenes in FOTR Extended cut. Empire saw the Extended Edition with the rest of the cast and crew during the reshoots for TTT. Theres some info I haven’t seen before so here goes:

– The Shire sequence has been greatly extended, including a voiceover from Bilbo “concerning Hobbits”. And Pippin sings!

– Aragorn is given a fleshed out backstory, including him visiting his mother’s grave at Rivendell. He also sings in Elvish.

– The Council of Elrond is extended including Gandalf speaking in the dark tongue of Mordor and more confrontation with Boromir.

– In Moria the battle with the Cave Troll is longer including Aragorn saving Boromir’s life!

– Lothlorien is much longer, including more of Haldir’s complaints over Gimli, Celeborn, and the famous gift-giving sequence with Galadriel.

Gollum as “the log with the eyes” gets another cameo.

– The battle with Lurtz and the Uruk-Hai has small scenes re-inserted that give it far more zip. For example, Lurtz pulls the dagger from his leg and licks away the blood.

Hope this was useful. Love the site!