Many pieces of modern day fantasy are clearly influenced by the literature of J.R.R Tolkien, a man who played a prominent part in bringing the genre to the fore. Similarly, Tolkien was influenced by Norse mythology and its many forms of poetry and literature. However, the Hall of Fire staff invite you to join us this weekend as we debate whether Tolkien found inspiration from his own religion.

The influence of Catholicism on Tolkien’s writings

In the beginning of The Silmarillion there was Eru, a supreme being who created all life and a world upon which they could live, Middle-earth. In the beginning of the Bible God, a supreme being, created man and woman and a place upon which they could live called Earth. Though over-simplified, there are clear parallels between the two. Another key event in The Silmarillion is when Kane commits the first murder and kills his brother Able; similarly, Feanor is the first Elf to ever kill one of his own kin.

Tolkien was known to be a prominent follower of the Catholic church and was surrounded by people of the same nature, most notably his dearest friend and writer C.S. Lewis. All these facts suggest that Tolkien drew some inspiration from religion..but do you agree? Join us this weekend and make your views known as we debate one of the most discussed aspects of the great author himself.

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