This weekend The Two Towers chapter-by-chapter discussion has arrived at one of the most important and unpredicted moments in the Lord of the Rings, one of the moments which changed the outcome of the War of the Ring and swung the balance of power from Sauron to the alliance of men and elves. So come and join us in the Hall of Fire as we discuss a chapter which may bring hope to budding ‘Rings fans after the tradgic death of Gandalf at the end of ‘Fellowship:

Book Three, Chapter V: The White Rider

Walking through the forest of Fangorn and seeking their lost comrades, the trio of Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas suspect they are being followed by a mysterious old man in white, a man who’s appearance is too uncannily alike to Saruman the White to be a coincidence. Fearing they will be assailed by this mysterious stalker, the trio prepare for a battle, only to realise that the man in white is not the head of the Istari at all, but in fact a dear friend from the past…

Undoubtedly a stirring chapter, we invite one and all to join us this weekend and join in on the fun!

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Update:In a last minute change of schedule, this weekend’s HoF will be the Two Towers Chapter “The King of the Golden Hall”. We’ll be holding over our Q&A session till next month.