Over the last three years, the Hall of Fire has hosted all sorts of different discussions on the Tolkien spectrum, but it’s not often that we host a discussion which raises a question over the behaviour of protagonists in Tolkien’s literature. However, that’s exactly what we’re doing this weekend as the Hall of Fire staff invite you to join us this weekend as we discuss what should spark a heated debate about:

The Responsibility Elves had to Middle-earth

Getting straight to the point, should the Elves have done more during their tenure on Middle-earth? From the beginnings as the first race to live under the watchful eye of the Valar to their parting post-War of the Ring, the Elves have often given their blood and soul to protect their home from evil, be it Melkor or his commander Sauron. However, occasionally the Elves have shirked responsibility, be it to their allies or to themselves, and it wasn’t long after the fall of Sauron that they departed Middle-earth once and for all, leaving it under the rule of the ‘age of man’.

Could the Elves have done more during the War of the Ring? Was the staying of their hand for so long one of the main reasons why the Necromancer rose once again from Mirkwood to raise his armies in the land of Mordor? Was their pride and hatred of dwarves a reason for the amount of Elven blood shed? Or do you disagree and believe that the Elves served Middle-earth to the very end, beyond the call of duty? If so, did they owe Middle-earth anything more before their departure? Join us this weekend for what should be, despite whichever side you’re on, a great discussion.

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