Imagine if you were a Star Wars Fan and a LOTR fan and by some incredible coincidence both your favourite things got combined in one experience.

That’s exactly what happened to Peter: “I thought you might be interested in some of our photos from the opening day of Star Wars when Elijah and Sean came and sat behind us in line for the evening.

“On the middle of this page you’ll see some of us and Elijah. He came over to our group to say hi to us. [More]

“Here’s a pic of Sean when he arrived. I’m the guy on the left. [More]

I was the first to see Sean and say hi and introduce myself to him and show him the way to Elijah. They were both so cool to everyone. By the end of the night and in the theatre, I was sitting near them and Sean knew me by name already and I chatted with both of them for a bit. Here’s another pic from someone else’s camera of Elijah. This one has me smiling, on the right.” [More]