MS wrote: “Yesterday I e-mailed Blockbuster to ask if they were planning to allow customers to reserve a copy of the Fellowship DVD like they did with Episode I. I realize that one can pre-order a copy on the net, but for those who aren’t comfortable with internet transactions this can be very useful. In addition Blockbuster will often give something away with a pre-order (A lovely programme was given away with Episode I).”

Blockbuster Video’s Response:


Thank you for your interest in Blockbuster Canada. We do intend on doing pre-orders of this film. However, this is not something we are completely sure of. Feel free to contact the team at your store in the next few weeks for any further details.

Thank You
Customer Service
Blockbuster Canada

MS continues: “It might be a good idea to check in your area if your planning to pre-order at Blockbuster since my e-mail was restricted to Blockbuster Canada. I thought you would like to know. Just goes to show you what you can find out if you ask.”

If you do want to pre-order the DVD online, check out our listing. [More]