Xoanon here, the folks at Glenorchy Air were kind enough to send us these really great pictures taken all around New Zealand, take a look!

I wondered if you would like to use these pictures of the location of Nen Hithoel on your site. These pictures are copyright to Glenorchy Air, however theonering.net has my permission to use them.

Discription of the images

1. The flowers at Parth Galen (Mavora) where the company landed after their voyage down the Anduin. The yellow elanor and pale niphredil as described in the book chapter 6. book 2 of Fellowship of the Ring. This is a case of reality paralleling fiction.

2. Mavora lake which doubled as Nen Hithoel in the film where Frodo And Sam paddled across after Frodo is accosted by Boromir and they leave the Fellowship)

3. The beach from where Frodo and Sam launched their boat in the film to paddle across Nen Hithoel to Amon Lhaw on the far side
Kind regards

Robert Rutherford. CEO/Chief Pilot Glenorchy Air.

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